How can I get into the Apartment Focus?

The very first of all, please call the Host before arriving. We need only 15 minutes to get to the apartment to give you the keys of the apartment personally.

We kindly ask you to inform us your approximately arriving time in advance. After arriving, please call us on cell phone.

The flat number of Apartment Focus is  7th Door on 1st Floor. On the Entryphone, you should type just 7 to call the flat.

Additional Information

The door is within the frame of the entrence gate to the garages located inside the court of the block. Normally, the door can be opened electric way with PIN code and the gate can be opened automaticly by remote controller.

Once, pls. use the key of the common front door only to open the door. If you lock the door, it's not possible to open the door by PIN code. The other residents of the block who usually use PIN to get into the building can be get into a strange situation.

On the other hand, pls. check it out whether you managed to shut and close the common front door properly. Unfortunately, the door is not closed automaticly. In case of open door, the gate can not be opened by remote control. 

In a nut shell, please only shut the common front door and check it out.

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