Regulations of the Apartment Focus

We kindly ask our guests to take it consideration that the Apartment Focus is located in a residental block.
To spend a calm and comfortable nights in the flat, please pay attention the regulations of the block and the Apartment Focus according to the followings.


We should inform you that accomodation of pets is not allowed in the residental block. 

Should you come in the company of your little loved, we would kindly offer you our help to find a Pet's Hotel for the comfortable accomodation of your little friend.


According to the fire-fighting rengulations of the block, neither at common places, nor in the Apartment Focus, smoking is allowed only at certain places. Selected spot for smoking can be found at the corner of inner court of the block. To get there, please follow the remarkable signs.

Useing common places of the block...

We kindly ask you to use the common places as quite and cleanly way as possible. 

The door is within the frame of the entrence gate to the garages located inside the court of the block. Normally, the door can be opened on electric way with PIN code and the gate can be opened automaticly by remote controller.

Once, please use the key of the common front door only to open the door. If you lock the door, it's not possible to open it by PIN code. The other residents of the block who usually use PIN to get into the building can be get into a strange situation.

On the other hand, pls. check it out whether you managed to shut and close the common front door properly. Unfortunately, the door is not closed automaticly. In case of open door, the gate can not be opened by remote control. 

In a nut shell, please only shut the common front door and check it out.

If any problems occurs, please don't hesitate to make contact with the Host. 

On the behalf of the Apartment Focus, we kindly thank you for your cooperation and understanding.